About Veromar Group

VEROMAR is an international company offering natural stone products by creating innovative designs on luxurious marble, mosaic and travertine for prestigious places.

Starting the business in 2002, the head office with the showroom is located in Istanbul, the factory in Balıkesir (TURKEY) and an official distributor in the USA (Maricera).

In addition, since we have our products floor & wall tiles displayed in showrooms and catalogues in many architecture offices all over the world we supply our products to lots of projects worldwide.

Besides, we are working on opening new showrooms in the biggest cities all over the World.


Some products from our collection

glamour series

Glamour Tiles

Glamour tiles have become a very popular trend for home designers in the past few years. Our Glamout Tiles Collection create a sense of luxury in the home and make a beautiful statement for floor & wall tiles. Glamour Tiles are versatile and go with any color scheme or style. They are also easy to install.


Floor & Wall Tiles

Gold leaf applied, rustic silver leaf applied, gold painted and rustic gold applied options.

Easy to Maintain

Water proof, easy to clean, luxury

engraved tiles

Engraved Tiles

The marble tiles you see here are handmade by Italian artisans. They’re made from genuine marble and are thick enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. The tiles are hand-engraved with a special process that makes a tiny tool move over the surface of the tile, carving out grooves and fine details.


Floor & Wall Tiles

Gold leaf applied, rustic silver leaf applied, gold painted and rustic gold applied options.

Easy to Maintain

Water proof, easy to clean, luxury

Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaics are a great way to add the elegance and sophistication of marble to any room in the home. Marble mosaics are made from real marble and add a touch of luxury to a room. They can also be used outside to add a bit of elegance to your garden.


Variable Materials & Colours

Dolomite, Bianco, Silver Sand and many more options.

Easy to Install

Polished or Honed. Easy to maintain, for floors & walls.

marble waterjet mosaic

Marble Waterjet Mosaics

A classic yet contemporary marble, waterjet mosaics are luxurious choice for any setting. It’s create a sophisticated look that is at once both timeless and modern. Many beautiful stones in an interlocking pattern. The result is a chic, effortless look that adds a touch of luxury to any space.


Wide Choise

Bianco Carrara, Dolomite, Ania Balack, Thasos and more.

Also, polished and honed options are available.

Elegant Touch

For floors & Walls, easy to maintain and clean, waterproof.

Porcelain Waterjet Mosaics

Waterjet mosaic porcelain tiles are created by cutting a solid slab of porcelain into hundreds of smaller tiles. The tiles are then assembled onto a mesh backing, much like the way conventional brick and cement pavers are installed. This process allows for a virtually limitless number of color and pattern combinations which allows for virtually any size and shape of project to be created.


Varied Color Options

Snow White, Pulpis Grey, Jonathan Blue & More…

Luxurious Details

Luxurious cuttings and finishings.

marble moldings

Marble & Porcelain Moldings

Marble & Porcelain Moldings by is a high-quality, reliable, and affordable source for marble and porcelain moldings. The moldings are made from premium grade materials and can be used for floor and wall applications, as well as for decorating interiors.


Variable Size and Color Options

The moldings are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

High Quality Stones

Our stones are high quality for interior design. All polished moldings are smooth and wide variety of marbles and porcelains.

We Specialize in

engraved tile
floor & wall tiles
marble tiles
hexagon tiles

Floor & Wall Tiles

Andalucia Marble Mosaic



We are creating luxurious and greatest designed floor & wall tiles with marble, porcelain and travertine.




Our wide selection is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

floor & wall tiles

Wide Selection of Floor & Wall Tiles

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